Is that true? - Fake news and disinformation in times of crisis

Is that true? - Fake news and disinformation in times of crisis


April 25, 12:00–13:30

Pattenhalle - Workshop Raum

On TikTok, X, Snapchat or Instagram: Global crises are moving ever closer to our lives via social media. New content about international conflicts, the climate crisis or human rights violations is constantly being flushed into our feeds. We have access to an unprecedented amount of information - but it is also becoming increasingly difficult to maintain an overview. Which sources are trustworthy? And how do I recognise fake news?

In our workshop, we will use fake news from Iran to explain how false reports are created and what impact they have. We will also show you how to see through disinformation and find trustworthy sources. Together we will practise distinguishing fact from fiction. You will learn how you can help to curb the spread of fake news. Avin is a freelance journalist and Iran activist. She will guide us through the workshop and provide valuable insights.

Service note:

If you are under 26 and have booked a free TINCON ticket, you can register for the workshop in advance. Registration is possible from the beginning of April. As soon as the registration is activated, all ticket holders will be informed by email.

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